Chef Competition Entry Form

Top Chef Competition Rules/Regulations

FEE: $45

What: “Type Chef” style competition (minimum of two, maximum of TWELVE contestants- in each city). Each contestant must prepare a 3-Course Meal from the provided mystery ingredients. There will be 2 segments of competitions. Each winner will receive the “Black Culinary Expo Top Chef” award presented by a sponsor and another incentive to be mentioned at a later date. Each contestant is allowed one (1) assistant.

When: (Check Desired City Date) There will be segments of our competition: 12:00pm-2pm 3:00pm-5pm. Set-up time starts at an 30 min before each competition. Contestants must be set up and ready to compete by start time!

Where: The Top Chef competition will take place at all three Cities (NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, D.C., & Philadelphia)

Contestant will supply:

  • all Food (Must Be Listed)
  • any and all cooking/preparation tools needed (example: grill, electric skillet, knives, cutting boards, wash basins, etc.)
  • potable (drinking) water
  • ingredients that may be brought to the competition: herbs, spices, basic condiments, thickening agents, oils/butter, vinegars, flavorings and mayonnaise
  • presentation items — each contestant will be required to present one (1) plated dish for each of his/her preparations
  • Contestants must provide one (1) portion for each of the three judges of each dish made
  • Contestants are allowed to bring serving trays for their own presentation purposes

Judging: A drawing will determine the contestants’ judging order. There will be three judges. Each contestant’s total entries will be given a cumulative score based upon three categories — 10 points each for appearance, taste and creativity — for a highest possible score of 30.

How to enter: Anyone interested in entering the competition must fill out entry form below and submit form and payment no later than May 1st, 2014


1 thought on “Chef Competition Entry Form”

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I am interested in competing at the at the expo, but I have a some concerns. If the are any slots available for the savory foods competion at this time? Are competitors allowed to bring supplies in deli cups as opposed to original packaging? I would be traveling from Philadelphia with limited space in my hotel to store food items. Also if my plans are only to compete that day what ticket do I purchase? I look forward to your response.

    Thank You,
    J. Thomas

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