Cake Competition Entry Form

Cake Competition Rules/Regulations

FEE: $45

Theme: Wedding

What: The Cake Competition will consist of professionals who are exceptional in the art of cake making and design. Each winner will receive the “Black Culinary Expo Cake Master” award presented by a sponsor and another incentive to be mentioned at a later date.

When: (Dependent on touring city date) There will be one segment for this competition: 2:00pm-4:00pm. Set-up time starts 30 min before each competition. Contestants must be set up and ready to compete by start time!

Where: Dependent on touring city.

Contestant: Each contestant must have a completed cake which falls under the “WEDDING” Each cake must be accompanied by a small one layer cake for tasting. Once cake is placed on judging table, no further adjustments can be made. CAKES WIL NOT BE MADE AT THE VENUE! Contestants may use sculpted and dummy cakes. All cakes must be 3 tiers.

Judging: A drawing will determine the contestants’ judging order. There will be three judges. Each contestant’s total entries will be given a cumulative score based upon three categories — 10 points each for 1) Professional Presentation 2) Taste & 3) Design & Originality — for a highest possible score of 30.

How to enter: Anyone interested in entering the competition must fill out entry form below and submit form and payment no later than April 1st, 2014.


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