Culinary Artist On The Rise, Brittany “MaGa” Williams Shares Her Inspiration for Becoming a Chef

Here at Black Culinary Expo we love food and what we love even more than food is celebrating the people who also have a devotion to it!

Today we are commending a young lady who happens to love food and the joy of preparing it. Brittney Williams who goes by the name of Chef MaGa is a New York City based culinary artist. Growing up in Queens, New York in a Jamaican cultural background it’s no wonder Ms.Williams found her way to the kitchen. In Caribbean households the kitchen is a place where families come together and bond over good-tasting meals!

As we know being a chef is no easy task. Between all of the preparation that one undergoes along with the pressure of pleasing others, being in this industry takes a lot of dedication!

However she has proven her devotion and tenacity by cooking professionally for the past seven years.

Initially Ms. Williams did not embark on her culinary career until she realized normal schooling was not for her. When she enrolled in a culinary arts program and slipped on her white chefs jacket this is when she knew becoming a chef was for her! That gratifying moment of when passion meets purpose is the experience Williams had.

With seven year of experience one can imagine how hard it may be to choose a favorite dish to prepare. For her, that was an easy answer, Jerk Chicken!

Jerk Chicken is a staple dish in Jamaican culture, therefore perfecting it means more than just enjoying the meal. It’s the love, dedication and time that Williams puts into hers that’s makes the outcome so satisfying! The spider the better she would say!

When Brittany is not busy catering an event she’s working on her NYAM Supper Series.

Set to hit Toronto soon, NYAM is an event created to highlight the Caribbean culture through food and conversation. At this series of events guest can anticipate learning about the food through tasting and evaluating. What’s even better about this is enjoying the cuisines with the likes of other people to engage in conversation with!

To find out more about NYAM and how to book Brittany for your next event check her Instagram page! And let her know who you sent you!!


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