Vendor Table Set-Up

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We’ve been to a couple of culinary events in which vendors were given the ultimate opportunity. That’s what this is. Our Expo allows vendors the ultimate opportunity to showcase their goods along with directly marketing to their targeted consumers! So you would think first impressions count right? I guess a few of our culinary friends didn’t get the memo judging from some of the tables we’ve stumbled upon!

So to avoid this happening to you, we wanted to give some friendly tips to aid you in having the best experience ever and avoid some of the table horrors we’ve seen! Remember, along with building beneficial and sustaining relationships, this expo will also aid in building your brand! How you represent that brand determines the response you will receive from your targeted market!

  • Research items you’ll need to effectively complete all tasks at hand
  • Make sure you keep your vendor table as neat as possible
  • Avoid clutter by storing additional material and items beneath your table
  • Build an attractive vendors table. Create a look that will ensure expo guests to stop by your table
    -Tablecloth, flowers, floor banners, culinary books, etc…
  • Interact with guests by providing them with hands-on experiences such as “how-to’s”, demos, etc…
  • Do not forget to have a disclaimer for all participating guests to sign in case of accidents
  • Have ready contact information forms for guest to sign along with your contact information

Above are a few neat vendor displays we came across that you can possibly grab ideas from!



One thought on “Vendor Table Set-Up

  1. Chef Dane says:

    Great tips. I have a done a few expos over the years in different islands so here are some pointers I have learnt. If you are doing live demos have a PR person on the outside interacting with in lockers. Have sign up sheets to collect contact info, offer samples and photo ops to interacts with potential customers.

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