Meet One of Our Media Sponsors: Basil Magazine


Basil MAGAZINE has quickly turned into a premier food, wine & lifestyle publication. The monthly magazine, with a readership of nearly 35,000 and growing, recognizes food, wine and spirits, but also has sections devoted to chefs, lifestyle issues and philanthropy. Basil MAGAZINE also lives up to its tagline “Eat. Drink. Live. Give.” by being the only national magazine that sets aside 10% of its revenue for charities.

Basil’s global features include celebrity & top chefs; foodies; book reviews; wine features & reviews; travel, living healthy & green tips; kids, and philanthropy. There is also a weekly radio show by the same name… The magazine also features monthly giveaways for its readers to win various cooking and baking products, books and travel essentials.

Basil attracts celebrities as well such as principal partner Rodney Perry, council member Bal Arneson of the Food Network, as well as other celebrity fans such as Celebrity Chefs Art Smith, Gordon Ramsey and Aaron Sanchez just to name a few. Other celebs include Patti Labelle, Jarvis Green, Jennifer Beals and more. “In this food and wine universe, there are many publications that offer their porthole into this world, but one I find that brings us to a delicious place, is Basil MAGAZINE,” said Art Smith, host, best-selling author and specialty chef for Oprah Winfrey.

Enjoy Basil MAGAZINE @


Food & Wine, All Beverages, Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Green/Eco Living, Travel, Basil Kids, Philanthropy


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