Why Chefs Should Participate At Expo

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We have contacted hundreds of chefs and they all are asking the same question: “How can I be a vendor? I have nothing to sell.”

This is the VERY reason we began this initiative! To showcase ALL things culinary within the Black community. After careful consideration and research, we realized that the Black community knew little to none of how much involved our community is within the Black community. Some of the myths are:

  • Only Black Chefs showcased on TV are involved in Culinary industry
  • Most if not all Black Chefs are focused solely on Soul Food
  • Black Chefs aren’t successful
  • Black Chefs aren’t skilled in the culinary art

These myths are the very myths we wish to destroy with this expo. Yes, we understand that a Chef might not necessarily have a product to sell, but you have a service. This opportunity allows you to

  • build your clientele
  • showcase your skills
  • demonstrate your most prestigious dish(es)
  • Meet with celebrity chefs at our honorary reception
  • and most importantly build beneficial with other elite and reputable culinary professionals within the Black community

You can also sell “samples”, or hold a small workshop at your vendor table. Encourage guests to be interactive by drawing them to your table and starting a conversation with them. Add them to your mailing list. They might ask you to cater a wedding, a private dinner, or a any other special occasion because you left a lasting impression on them at the expo.

As stated prior, this expo isn’t solely an outlet to allow business owners to sell product(s), but a showcase. A showcase of all of our professionalism, etiquette  experience, and talent. This event was created in hopes to brand you! We have culinary professionals coming from ALL over the United States! Do not limit yourself this opportunity because of distance. We promise it’s going o be EPIC!

We look forward to seeing you!

PS- Vendor packages are subjected to increase. Sign your package TODAY!!!


One thought on “Why Chefs Should Participate At Expo

  1. Stephan Durand says:

    thank you for putting this event together. Unfortunately I may not be able to make this year, even as a visitor it would have been a great just to network with other professionals in the industry. Unfortunately I am in Haiti. But if you are in NY or you can make it to NY, please participate in this great event. you will not regret it.

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