Meet Our Event Partner: 5 Star Chefs


Founded in the effort to bring a five star dinning experience directly into your home, 5 Star Chefs, the premier culinary website brings a global community of seasoned chefs including FOX’s very own Josh Marks, MasterChef and Chef Marshall and Chef Isaiah to provide tips, advice and how to sessions to the casual cook; and to give some insight on all things food through:

Online Cooking Academy – Get a dose of culinary education through live cooking sessions fromthe chefs as they assist participants with cooking some great dishes, answer questions and give insight on the tools of the trade, including product reviews, ingredients and services

Recipes – Share your favorite recipes, tips and tricks with folks that share your passion for food

Culinary Blog – Find out the latest news and events going on with 5 Star Chefs

Events and more – Customize your upcoming event as 5 Star Chefs assists in planning and preparing the meal of your dreams for any special event including: weddings, graduations, private dinner parties, retirements, etc.

5 Star Chefs will work with you to make any dining event memorable. Simply click the Special Occasions link over there on the right to get more information.


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